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Site was created with the intention to help people who want to learn iconografy, or exploring iconografy, offers a thorough tutorial. Such literature has not been in the Serbian and English language so far. There are books that deal with around the icon, talking about the history of icons, icons apologetics, interpreting the Holy Fathers, or dealing with an icon on Philosophical-Theological way. There was no literature that a man could learn to iconography. An exception is the excellent book "Mala Erminija Vojislava Zografa"  (on Serbian) but it covers only a part, is not complete.

Bearing in mind the mental and spiritual benefits of such guide, from the beginning We wanted to be a free guide. Also, our intention was not to earn on this project, but to God, serve my brothers and sisters, hoping that this site will be at least somebody on benefit. Given all told, the entire work on the guide will be organized voluntary, allowing easy participation of interested parties.


I invite all interested for the cooperation that can respond to my e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I need translators especially. I invite all religious people, people of good will, to help the survival of a textbook with some donation. Who wants to donate site can also write to me at the above email.


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