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Applying shellac

To prepare the substrate for application golden size (it is glue which sticks the gold), it is necessary to apply shellac. Shellac is natural lacquer, obtained from fluids of some insect species. It helps to saturate the substrate. Substrate saturated with enough shellac will not absorbs golden size. Therefore on the substrate's surface, will remain inflicted fine layer of glue, prepared for sticking the gold.

Before applying, it is necessary to dilute shellac in pure alcohol. If alcohol was diluted with water, it will not melt. Shellac is mostly purchased already dissolved in alcohol, but it needs to add more alcohol by producers recipe. It should be applied in several thin layers on the surface which will be gilded. After that it is necessary to glaze the surface with fine sand paper until the surface become smooth under your fingers. After glazing it is required to delete dust from surface with moist watts.

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