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Icon is full of symbols, it can be said that the icon is all symbolic beginning of gold, and over the shape, composition and color of clothes to the way in which an icon is pained.

Gold as a symbol of Icons

The most impressive thing on the icon is gold. People think that the icons are gilded because of luxury and to them, it seems contrary to modesty which Church proclaiming. Icons are not gilded because of luxury. Gold is most noticeable and one of the most important symbols on the icons. It symbolizes the truth. Truth does not change, it is always the same in all life's circumstances and all conditions, such as gold, which does not change neither of its properties, neither the appearance, whether it is in fire or in water.In Serbian language "истo" (the same) is root word of the word "истина" (the truth).

The colors of Lord Christ cloth

Lord Jesus Christ is almost always presented in red and blue clothes. Each color initially associates us on something in the nature colored like that, and later associate us on everything that is linked to that color. For example, red color, first association is blood, and bloodjrporeality, or human nature, and blue color symbolizes the divine nature.

The text in the halo  of Christ

The text on the icons are shortcuts. The word "ΩN O" means "I am the one who I am" and it appears in the halo of Christ, and indicates that He is this one God who also appeared to Moses at unburnable blackberry.

' The reversed perspective'

One of the characteristics of the icon is the lack of perspective, or the existence of irregular (no established laws) perspective, which many people (not quite correctly) called reversed. Although this perspective appears to act reversed, actually not, because if you could called it like that, it should follow certain (reversed) legality, but not so. One reason for this "strange" perspective is that because goal of the icon is not to create (like the realist and impressionist painters) correct illusion of space on the icon. Icon does not care for the "natural laws" of perspective, she wants to see through the essence of the shown event.

Event on the icon is always presented as it is played outside (although historically occurred indoors). In this case, iconographer paints fabric transferred through the building, which is a sign that event is played inside.

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