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On the basic color we apply lighter shades, which are obtained by mixing the basic color with a certain amount of white.

First we apply the first tone of lighter color. After drying, we apply the second tone even lighter color to the surface where it is applied first tone of lighter color, so that takes up less surface area. The next layers follow the same rule: each successive layer must be brighter than the previous one, and it must be applied on the surface of the previous layer but on the immediate area. Color tones (layers) should be few, with not too much difference in their brightness.

At the end of applying lighter layers it must be added one darker shade formed by mixing the basic color and color of second drawing. It serves to soften the transition between basic color and drawing. It is applied on the opposite side of the light and follow the drawing. It is also applied on the parts of clothing where there is no lighting.

Roll which the holy father hold in his hand is painted in a similar way. Because the roll is white, basic color is light gray. A lighter gray is the "first light", and completely white is the second strongest light. At the end, on the roll is applyed darker shade, too. The letters are usualy painted with red or black color.


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